In Germany there is Venezuelan chocolate ice cream 73% cocoa

Vanille & Marille

The artisan ice cream chain Vanille & Marille, with a presence in Berlin, only works with quality, organic and fair trade ingredients.

One of the main flavors of German ice cream Vanille & Marille, which is part of its “high-level classics”, is the 73% cocoa Venezuelan chocolate, which can be found in Berlin, the German capital, in any of its seven stores; or in the refrigerators of supermarkets in this country.

Vanille & Marille assures that this ice cream is real Venezuelan chocolate made with guaranteed organic quality cocoa that comes from an old family business in Venezuela that grows it on its own farm.

Vanille & Marille

Vanille & Marille is an artisanal ice cream factory that only works with top quality organic products, free of artificial colors, additives, flavors and preservatives.

This ice cream parlor was founded in 2009 in Berlin and its sustainability policy covers its factory, in which the energy with which they are served is 100% ecological.

In their long list of ice creams, more than one hundred, they have classic and special varieties of their own recipes; as well as vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

From this list, its high-level classic ice creams stand out, such as the 73% Venezuelan chocolate or the original vanilla from Tahiti (Polynesia).

From its line of unusual varieties, its Caramel Beurre Salé or blueberry cheesecake ice creams stand out.

As for their vegan ice creams, one of the most promoted is the Mexican, which is chocolate with coffee.

Of the more than 100 varieties of ice cream, from March to October, 20 of them can be found in their Berlin stores, which may vary depending on the season and availability.

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