In Canoabo they bet on sustainable tourism with cocoa


The San Cayetano cocoa farm, in Canoabo, Carabobo state, applied for and was nominated for the National Tourism Award in the sustainable tourism category.

In the hacienda San Cayetano, located in the Valles Altos de Carabobo, not only cocoa is produced for the elaboration of artisan chocolate from the tree to the bar; It is also working to position itself as an attractive and sustainable tourist alternative in Venezuela.

And this has been made clear by its founder, Luis Morales, when he applied for his farm to the National Tourism Award, in its first edition, in the Tourism Innovation mention, Sustainable Tourism category.

This tourist attraction, a cocoa route, was nominated together with the tourist operator Ecotur from the Capital District, Posada Flores de Salomé from Falcón state, Posada La Chapeta from María Liliano from Mérida, and Glamping La Cepa from Lara state to qualify for this recognition. granted by the Ministry of Tourism.

The National Tourism Award is an internal recognition that involves media coverage, participation in international rounds, incorporation of human talent in workshops and training, among other benefits, says the Ministry of Tourism.

The San Cayetano farm

Hacienda San Cayetano, located about 20 minutes by car from Valencia, capital of Carabobo state, is located on a large piece of land where all the phases of chocolate production interact at the same time.

It has more than 8 hectares of cocoa cultivation, a drying yard and a laboratory where the cocoa pod is processed to make the various tablets, creams and cocoa powder of the Valle Canoabo brand.

Every weekend and on holidays this place is open to the general public to offer a tour of the entire process to produce chocolate.

It also has a restaurant where they offer traditional dishes and chocolate and rum tastings, as well as a store where you can buy all the cocoa-derived products made by Valle Canoabo.

Visitor Testimonials

On the social network TripAdvisor, different visitors to this hacienda have commented on their experience.

“Canoabo is located relatively close to Valencia, the capital of Carabobo.
La Hacienda San Cayetano is located there, and it produces the cocoa with which it makes a delicious handmade chocolate.

The tour is through the cocoa plantation, until learning step by step how chocolate is produced.

We were lucky to have the guided tour of the founder, who with passion and true didactic vocation explained each process to us. There are guides prepared for this purpose.

I really recommend this place because it is a simple activity to get to know one of the best products with a Venezuelan stamp, chocolate. In addition, it is a way to promote tourism in the Valles Altos de Carabobo and to reconnect with nature,” wrote Alejandra RH.

While Javier C commented: “Excellent hacienda where on weekends they show you the process of making chocolate from planting, harvesting and manufacturing.

Highly recommended, since in addition to learning a lot of things, you will discover one of the best chocolates in the world. It is spectacular.

My congratulations to Ezequiel for his explanations and attention during the visit, makes it super enjoyable. The cocoa poet.

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