In Caracas there was a chocolate called La Sultana del Ávila

The Sultan of Avila

The owners of this chocolate factory, which opened its doors in Caracas at the end of the 1905th century, are credited with creating ham bread in XNUMX.

The strong demand for chocolate in Venezuela between the mid-1851th century and the beginning of the XNUMXth gave rise to the establishment of dozens of factories for the production of this product throughout the country, such as La Sultana del Ávila, created by a family of bakers of Canarian origin. based in Caracas since XNUMX.

Records record the installation, between the years 1877 and 1929, in the entire Venezuelan territory of some 43 chocolate shops national specialized in cocoa and its derivatives; and 14 foreign registered for importation.

The Sultana del Ávila, which was described as a large chocolate and cocoa factory, made its bars and mixtures for cups with cocoa of the "Caracas" variety, recognized in recipes by European cooks between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries as one of the best in the world for its fine flavor and aroma.

This brand of chocolate was for some years considered the competition of Chocolate The India, whose production was awarded both nationally and internationally as one of the best.

The image that identified the La Sultana del Ávila chocolate brand was the drawing of a woman dressed as a goddess holding something similar to a chocolate bar in one of her hands. And at the bottom of this, part of the imposing Ávila on the side of the Caracas valley.

The Ramella family used to advertising of both its bakeries and its chocolate brand in the XNUMXth and early XNUMXth century press.

Image of the building on the corner of Gradillas where the Ramella bakery was located.

And it is that the owner of this chocolate shop, Pablo Ramella Sucs., also owned, along with his family, five bakeries in Caracas and two in La Guaira.

This family is awarded, in 1905, the creation of the ham bread, in its "Ramella" bakery, which was on the corner of Gradillas, in Caracas.

Los Ramella: bakers and chocolatiers with a Venezuelan flavor

Pablo Ramella, born in the Canary Islands, Spain, began to devote himself to the bakery trade with his family in the mid-XNUMXth century.

In 1871 it already had the Ramella Bakery, located on the corner of Gradillas, in the center of Caracas.

And at the end of the XNUMXth century, in addition to making one of the best-selling breads in the city, Ramella began to make their own chocolate, which they sold in their bakeries under the La Sultana del Ávila brand.

By 1920, the Ramella family had five bakeries in Caracas, among the most prominent, "Ramella", on the corner of Gradillas, and "El Guanábano", which was famous for its piquito bread.

Image of the building where the "Guanabano" bakery was located, in Caracas, of the Ramella family.

They also had two bakeries in La Guaira and under their charge a total of 214 employees.

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