In Choroní, fine aroma cocoa is produced

Cocoa from Choroní

In this coastal town of Aragua, famous for its beautiful Playa Grande, one of the best cocoas in the country is also grown.

The humid and fertile lands of the town of Choroní, bordered by the green Henry Pittier Park, and embraced by the strong sun that gives life to the coast of Aragua state, produce, together with the hands of the men of these plots, one of the top cocoas from Venezuela, a fine aroma hybrid demanded by the most connoisseur chocolatiers inside and outside the country.

There are several farms that maintain the country's cocoa tradition in these lands that began more than 400 years ago, and that for two centuries gave the highest income per export, such as La Sabaneta, founded in 1885, which still has its doors open.

Here they produce one of the best fine cocoas of the Trinitario variety from the Aragüeña coastal region, which is acquired by well-known national chocolate shops, and exported to European countries and Japan by the cocoa marketer Chuao Trading.

Hacienda Torres is another of the many that produce cocoa in Choroní that also continues with its doors open.

An evaluation of the cocoa beans published by Intercacao describes those from this hacienda as fine gourmet, due to their presence of moderate Creole genetics that gives flavors of nuts, flowers, citrus and red fruits, with a background of cocoa, with herbal notes. , wood and panela.

These flavors, Intercacao highlights on its website, are unique in these lands, where a microclimate of spring waters, forests of the Henry Pittier Park and the sea breeze of the beaches of Choroní and Puerto Colombia are combined.

Chocolates with cocoa from Choroní

There are many chocolatiers who make and have made their chocolate bars with Choroní cocoa, such as Sander, Franceschi, Chocolates Choroní, Darïku and Azú, who confirm with the quality of their products that this is one of the best cocoas in the country.

Of the variety of cocoas that Sander Chocolatier acquires to make its fine chocolates and chocolate bars, Choroní, from Hacienda La Sabaneta, is one of the ones that it uses as its raw material.

As well as Franceschi, whose line of chocolate bars made with Choroní Creole cocoa 70% cocoa obtained six Awards international between the years 2017 and 2019.

While the artisanal chocolate brand Chocolates Choroní only works with this cocoa to make a variety of products, from chocoate pastes, cocoa husks, bonbons, tablets and cocoa nibs.

The Azú chocolate house is also not indifferent to this cocoa, and with it they made their delicious chocolate mousses with caramelized bananas with foil, moist cocoa sponge cake with nibs and chocolate mirror glaze.

As well as Darïku, located 10 kilometers from the town of Choroní, which processes this fine cocoa to make its Tablets and chocolate creams flavored with organic ingredients.

While the chocolate house +58CACAO, another client of the fine cocoa that is harvested and processed at Hacienda La Sabaneta, has delighted with its fine Choroní-flavored tablets.

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