On Chocolate Day discover the strangest combinations

International Chocolate Day

From the dark tablets with anchovies to the white ones with sarrapia and cloves, these mixtures have surprised by their rarity and delicious flavor.

Today is the international day of one of the oldest and most delicious gastronomic creations: chocolate, and to celebrate, at Puro Chocolate we made a list of the bars with the strangest combinations we found in the world.

Monper anchovy chocolate

Although this mixture of flavors dates back to the XNUMXth century, a time in which there are records of Italian lasagna recipes to which anchovies and chocolate were added to the sauce, and in Spanish bars anchovy sandwiches dipped in chocolate are famous, there are few chocolate shops in the world that have dared and been able to combine these two flavors in a single tablet or chocolate like Monper.

After several attempts, in 2017 this Spanish chocolate factory managed to unite these flavors in a bar that has received praise and awards.

Chocolate with Mantuano chicharrón

The border between sweet and salty disappears with the union of two ingredients that few imagine could result: that of chocolate with chicharrón pig

The bitter sweetness of dark chocolate along with the crunchy flavor of pork turned into pork rinds is one of the most exotic mixtures that chocolate chefs from the center and south of the American continent have decided to create.

And although the Mexican chef Ana Martorell is considered one of the pioneers of this combination in its search to unite chocolate with other ingredients that also taste of Mexico, the Venezuelan chocolate house Mantuano surprised with its 62% cocoa Sur del Lago chocolate bar with chicharrón, a recipe that it made in cooperation with the hamburger restaurant Caracas Street Food.

Comes Spicy Chocolate

Although it is an ancestral mixture, long before tablet chocolate was known, the Mayans and Aztecs prepared their spicy cocoa drinks, this combination It still surprises many.

The Spanish brand Chocolates Eats, owned by a chocolate-making family that has followed this craft since the mid-XNUMXth century, makes its famous bar Hot spicy.

This 125 gram bar, which can be eaten as a snack or grated to make a spicy cup chocolate, is described by its authors as the chocolate most similar to the original Mayan and Aztec.

Petra sarrapia chocolate

The aroma and flavor of sarrapia, also known as Venezuelan vanilla, could not have a better company than chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa.

There are more and more Venezuelan artisanal chocolate houses that have added this native spice from southern Venezuela to their line of fine chocolates and bars for its exquisite flavor and the exotic result of two ingredients that are born in the Amazonas Venezuelan as the case of Chocolates Petra.

This artisanal brand from Barlovento won silver in the origin chocolate category with natural flavors from I National Chocolate Competition with its white chocolate bar flavored with sarrapia and cloves.

The milk, cocoa butter, sugar, sarrapia and cloves in this tablet transport from the palate to one of the most famous sweets of the Creole sweets, the milk one.

Chocolate with Paccari mucilage

Cocoa pods contain between 20 and 40 seeds, each about 2,5 cm long, which are covered by a sweet and sour pulp that can be white or cream in color called mucilage.

This meat, whose flavor resembles that of soursop, is increasingly used in gastronomy; from ice creams even jams and beer and, as in the case we are dealing with, in the production of tablets.

The artisanal Ecuadorian chocolate brand Paccari won the silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards in 2022 for its chocolate bar with cocoa pulp.

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