In the United States there is a chocolate called Chuao

Chuao chocolatier

The founders of this brand, of Venezuelan origin, baptized their chocolates with this name as a commitment to quality in all their products.

In the United States, a chocolate factory baptized its brand of bars with the name of one of the world's cocoa areas most valued by producers of the finest chocolates, that of Chuao.

Chuao Chocolatiers, located in Carlsbad, in San Diego County, California, claims to be named after this cocoa-producing and fishing town in the Venezuelan state of Aragua as a commitment to high quality and because of its Venezuelan family heritage.

This chocolate house produces from bars of different and extravagant flavors, to the finest chocolates and powder to prepare chocolate drinks with a kosher certificate.

Chuao cocoa

For centuries, the cocoa produced in the wetlands of the Valle de wow It has remained one of the favorites of chocolatiers around the world.

Its organoleptic characteristics, aroma and flavor qualities resulting from the agroclimatic condition of this area, very close to the coast, and the ancestral type of post-harvest, make it ideal for the production of the finest chocolates.

Hacienda Chuao, founded in 1660, is the oldest still operating company antigua from Venezuela.

The 200 hectares of this cocoa plantation, which are distributed in a rectangular strip from north to south from the beach to the foot of the mountain, from 200 to 400 meters above sea level where it enters the Henri Pittier National Park, is owned by of the local community, but are currently worked by the Chuao Peasant Company.

While the company Chuao Trading, is one of the marketers responsible for taking this cocoa to the rest of the country and other countries in the world.

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