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cocoa farms

Cocoa farms in Aragua, Miranda, La Guaira and Carabobo opened their doors to the public to offer a different day.

During these holidays there are several cocoa farms that keep their doors open to live a different day of learning, gastronomy and fun.

They are full-day tours in which they offer transportation, educational talks about cocoa, traditional meals, cultural events, and chocolate tastings.

La Chuao, in Aragua; La Ribereña, in Miranda; Los Morenos, in La Guaira; San Cayetano and Luna Clara, in Carabobo; are some of the haciendas that can be visited this season.

The cost of a visit to a cocoa farm has a minimum value of about $30, which varies depending on where the farm is located and your plan.

Chuao Farm

La Chuao Farm It is the oldest still operating company in Venezuela. It is located on the Aragüe coast and the only way to get there is by boat from the town of Choroní.

The Chuao community is the organizer of this walk, known as the Cocoa Route, and which was recently visited by the Minister of Tourism Venezuelan, Ali Padrón.

There are eight stations that make up the Chuao Cocoa Route, in which the culture and tradition of this cocoa town are shown.

The first stop is at the Tree of the Spirits, and continues at the House of San Juan Bautista, the House of the Dancing Devils, the Patio de Secado, the Immaculate Conception of Mary Church, the House of Alto Núcleo 441 National System of Orchestras , the Poso Copey and Dominga.

People who wish to live this tour can make a reservation at one of the inns in this town.

Hacienda La Ribereña

La Hacienda La Ribereña, located in the Barlovente region of El Guapo, in the Páez municipality of Miranda state, opened its doors to the public so that they can learn how cocoa is produced and processed.

Through their excursion to the Cocoa Route, visitors discover another face of this region of the country, whose history is linked to cocoa.

This full-day tour, which leaves from the city of Caracas, has been active for more than a year and was nominated for the 2023 National Tourism Award in the Gastronomic Tourism category.

Los Morenos Farm

Hacienda Los Morenos is a cocoa plantation located in La Guaira that, together with the government of this entity, opened its doors in 2022 as part of the Cocoa Agrotourism Route in Chuspa, tour that begins in the Vacation City Los Caracas.

After breakfast in front of the sea in Los Caracas, we leave for the hacienda to learn from experts the types of cocoa that are grown in the area.

The last stop is made in Chuspa, at the Posada Costa Bonita, where chef Escobar has his chocolate factory.

San Cayetano Farm

The San Cayetano Hacienda, located in the Valles Altos of Carabobo, has the doors of its cocoa plantation and chocolate factory open every weekend to offer a different day of learning and entertainment.

Located about 20 minutes by car from Valencia, it has more than 8 hectares of cocoa, a drying patio and a laboratory where the seeds of the cocoa pod are processed to produce the various tablets, creams and cocoa powder of its Valle Canoabo brand.

This farm was nominated in 2022 for the National Tourism Award in the category Sustainable tourism.

Luna Clara Farm

The Luna Clara Hacienda, located in the Mantuano farmhouse, in the Goaigoaza parish of Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state, has become a cocoa theme park.

It is a guided tour of ten stations where the entire post-harvest process of cocoa is shown with the accompaniment of the theater group Raíces Escénicas, which interprets the slaves of the country's cocoa haciendas, built by Spanish colonists more than 400 years ago. .

Each station has an activity and at the end there is a blind tasting with chocolate Made with cocoa from this plantation accompanied by the background sound of drums and violins.

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