In La Guaira cocoa will be part of the attraction

Cocoa from La Guaira

The government of this entity allied itself with cocoa farmers from the Caruao parish to activate the Cocoa Agrotourism Route in Chuspa.

Starting next December 1, scholars and curious about the cocoa plant and its by-product chocolate will be able to learn how this fruit is worked in the Caruao parish on the Cocoa Agrotourism Route in Chuspa

This route, which runs through the western part of the state of La Guaira, is the result of an alliance between the tourism department of the government of this entity and cocoa and chocolate producers from different towns in Caruao.

And it is that in this tourist route the attendees, in addition to knowing the type of cocoa that is grown in this parish of La Guaira, will also have the possibility of making chocolate with the accompaniment of the chocolatier chef Gustavo Escobar, founder of the Chocolate Chuspa brand.

The Chuspa Cocoa Agrotourism Route

The tour of the Chuspa Cacao Agrotourism Route will begin in the Los Caracas Vacation City, where after breakfast in front of the sea, you will depart for the Los Morenos cacao farm.

In this hacienda, cocoa experts will give an explanation about the types of cocoa that are grown in the area and will give you a taste of its mucilage.

The third stop will be in the town of Chuspa, the last coastal settlement of the Caruao parish, border between the states of La Guaira and Miranda, and will end at the Costa La Linda inn, where chef Escobar has his chocolate factory.

This route, which includes rides, breakfast, lunch and chocolate tasting, costs $27 per person, and trips to beaches and other activities are offered for an additional $40.

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