In Madrid they make chocolate with pure Venezuelan cocoa


The chocolate house Cacao en Joma, based in the Spanish capital, makes chocolate bars with cocoa from at least nine different origins in Venezuela.

The bean to bar chocolate house Cacao en Broma produces in its store in Madrid, Spain, the finest bonbons and chocolate bars with Venezuelan cocoa from different origins.

With little time in the Spanish chocolate market, this brand seeks to stand out from the rest of the chocolatiers by making the best dark, milk and white chocolate bonbons and tablets with pure Venezuelan flavor.

The varieties of Cacao in Joke

Gibraltar fine-flavored cocoa, produced in Sur del Lago, is one of the varieties most widely used by this company run by Venezuelans in Spain.

Followed by the Bocadillos variety, also produced in Sur del Lago, a subregion comprised by the states of Zulia and Mérida, and famous for the quality of this fruit that grows in these lands.

The cocoa produced at Finca Las Virtudes, in Mérida, is another of the varieties that this chocolate house has used in its manufactures.

As well as the famous Porcelana criollo variety of cocoa, also native to Sur del Lago, which could not be missing in the production of this brand's chocolate.

Other varieties that grow in other regions of the country, such as Ocumare, Chuao, Choroní, Carenero Superiro and Río Caribe, are also used by this brand to delight its chocolatier customers.

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