In Maturín, espresso-type chocolate coffee is made

chocolate coffee

Its aroma, similar to that of the famous Nutella, results from the roasting process of the coffee bean produced in Caripe and processed by the Venezuelan artisan food company Wiñy.

The flavor and aroma of coffee and chocolate are found in a single expresso-type drink devised by the artisanal food company Wiñy, based in Maturín, Monagas state.

“This is our chocolate coffee, it is very Italian, expresso type. Its scent is like Nutella and its taste is amazing. The bouquet of aromas and flavors invade your senses. It is an artisanal and very gourmet coffee, ”explains the food company.

The Nutella aroma of this coffee, says the company, is the result of its preparation, which is done following the steps of its own recipe, and which originates from roasting and handling at the time of its preparation.

The grain used for the production of this chocolate coffee is planted in Caripe, Monagas. It is an arabica variety.

All the ingredients used for its preparation are natural and its recipe is inspired by the flavors of Italy.

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