In Mexico they preserve the pre-Hispanic recipe for chocolate

prehispanic chocolate

The drink that the Mayans and Aztecs prepared in the XNUMXth century was frothy, bitter and sometimes spicy.

In some towns in Mexico they still preserve the tradition of preparing the original way of taking the chocolate in America: foamy, bitter and sometimes spicy.

It was mixed with water and seasoned with spices that were only found in Central America, such as aromatic flowers, vanilla, chili or chili pepper, wild honey and annatto or annatto.

This drink, which was used in religious ceremonies, is known as atlaquetzalli, and it was drunk mainly in Tenochtitlán and Teotihuacán, cities created by pre-Columbian civilizations.

And although with time and the discovery of new ingredients its recipe has changed, now only cocoa, chili, magnolia flower petals, pepper and hoja santa are used, and it is consumed cold, it continues to be prepared in various locations in Mexico as " precious water”.

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