At PDVSA La Estancia experts talk about cocoa

From last Thursday, September 29, until this Saturday, October 1, 19 cocoa specialists will share their knowledge about this fruit.

A total of 19 cocoa experts related to training, culture and the benefits of cocoa, will present their knowledge for three days at the 29st Conference on Training, Culture and Cocoa, which has been held since last Thursday, September XNUMX, at PDVSA-La Estancia. .

Parallel to the conferences, which will be certified by the "Fruto Vivas" Popular Environmental University and the Rómulo Gallegos Center for Latin American Studies, the attending public will also be able to enjoy musical activities, movies and a gastronomic expo.

For this Friday, September 30, the presentation of the following conferences is planned:

  • “Cocoa from ethnoecology and biocultural heritage”, by. Xiomara Cuevas M., Special Delegate Ombudsman at the national level in matters of the environment of the Ombudsman's Office.
  • Cocoa: present and future. Speaker: José Antonio Rangel, general manager of the Venezuelan Cocoa Socialist Corporation.
  • “Cultural tourism”. Speaker: Rubén Reinoso Ratjes, tourism expert. Rector of the Experimental University of Greater Caracas (UNEXCA).
  • "Fundamental theoretical aspects for the formulation of chocolates adjusted to international standards". Speaker: José Alexander Parra, graduated in Biology from the UCV with a master's degree and doctorate in Food Sciences from the USB. Quality control, production and development manager at La Poma ice cream and pastry shop.
  • “Cocoa and functional foods”. Speaker: Enrique Egaña Wallis, specialist in cocoa and urban coffee. He is a teacher in the Coffee Diploma of the Faculty of Agronomy of the UCV, at the Altos de Agua Fría Genetics farm.

This Friday the workshop "The sacred feeling of organic and vital cocoa" will also be held, facilitated by Greta Sánchez Ramírez, who has a degree in "Art for social change", graduated from the New College of California (USA); She has a master's degree in actress from the Moscow Art Theater (Russia) and Harvard University. She has 15 years of experience in awareness, innovation and production of Cocoa from the tree-product.

On the third day, corresponding to Saturday, October 1, the following topics will be addressed:

  • "Cacao Carenero: Cultural Heritage of Barlovento". Speaker: Imer Mata Pino, who is a professor at the Territorial Polytechnic University of Barlovento Argelia Laya.
  • Cocoa: food of the gods. Estalina Báez, nutritionist and doctor in Bacteriology. She is a researcher at the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC).
  • “Theobroma. Properties for comprehensive health and its relationship as a cardiovascular protector. Speaker: Ricardo León, researcher, internist and director of the Health, Environment and Social Impact Observatory of Venezuela (Osimaven).
  • “Cacao, biotrade and value chains: Innovative approaches for sustainable local development”. Speaker: César Ramos Cedeño, president of the Center for Technological Innovation and International Cooperation (Funda-CEDiTEC) and director of the company BioComercio del Sur.
  • “Nutritional components of cocoa and chocolate”. Speaker: Climaco Álvarez, doctor and researcher at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA).
  • "Non-Nutrients that impact on the good health of the consumer: chocolate and wine a perfect combination". Speaker: Elevina Pérez Sira, professor and organizer of the Diploma in Chocolate Science and Technology, among other diplomas that she promotes from the UCV.

This Congress has been organized by the Reyes de Corazón Foundation, the Red Loto Women's Circle, the Rómulo Gallegos Center for Latin American Studies and PDVSA La Estancia.

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