In Puerto Cabello they make chocolates with character flavors

Cocoa chocolates

The Cocoa chocolate house makes fillings inspired by national and foreign artists such as Edgar Ramírez, Yolanda Moreno, Freddy Mercury and J-Lo.

A small chocolate factory in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state, transports its guests to the flavors of different characters from the national and foreign cultural industry with its original filled chocolates.

One of the most famous is that of the late vocalist of the English band Queen, Freddy Mercury, a character who inspired this chocolate house to create a bonbon filled with passion fruit and spicy cream, flavors that are perhaps not common in Great Britain. , but that emulate the eccentricity of the singer and composer, a trait that characterized them in life.

“Without a doubt one of our jewels in terms of themed chocolates is this chocolate inspired by the vocalist of the English band Queen.

Freddy Mercury is an icon of eccentricity and therefore this hottie had to have that touch of mischief.

La Reina has a fine coating of dark chocolate that surrounds the spicy passion fruit filling.

We presented it for the first time at the Burgers, Chocolates and Rock and Roll event”, refers the chocolate shop on its Instagram account.

The other famous character bonbon from this chocolate shop is the J-Lo, in homage to the American singer and actress Jennifer López, also known as the diva from the Bronx.

Chocolates Cocoa says the gentlemen felt left out when they launched their Edgar Ramirez-inspired chocolate for girls, so they designed the J-Lo for them.

This is a milk chocolate bonbon filled with passion fruit and rum. “Explosive like our golden Latina,” says Cocoa.

And of course, the hottie Edgar Ramírez, who has no other inspiration than all of him.

“His name is Edgar Ramirez, do you know why? Well, because he's divine and he's a hottie. Would you eat it?” Cocoa asks on her Instagram account.

This is a bonbon made with 60% dark chocolate and filled with cream cheese and guava jam. "A very Andean flavor like our beloved," says Cocoa.

Finally, the Criollito, another of the most outstanding chocolates by Chocolates Cocoa, and it is nothing more than a delicious sweet inspired by the nationalist dancer with a great career Yolanda Moreno.

To honor this Venezuelan artist, Cocoa created a milk chocolate bonbon filled with two ingredients that are quite common in Zulian cuisine, bananas and white cheese.

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