In the UK they make chocolate bars without cocoa or milk

Chocolate without cocoa

The person in charge is the London company WNWN Food Labs, which ensures that its cocoa-free bars smell, taste and melt just like the original chocolate.

The London company WNWN Food Labs became in 2022 the first manufacturer of chocolate bars without cocoa or milk.

“Premium cocoa-free chocolate bars that look, smell, taste, melt, break, and bake like cocoa,” WNWN Food Labs says on its website.

It's also dairy-free, palm oil-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, has less sugar than similar products, and is even safe for dogs since it doesn't contain theobromine, she adds.

WNWN Food Labs, founded in 2020, uses technology to transform plant-based ingredients "into ethical, sustainable, and high-value delights."

Its purpose is to create ingredients where food producers, consumers and the environment win, "with widely available ingredients and production methods that do not require regulatory approval or expensive platforms," ​​says the London company.

And he argues that there is already a need to introduce this alternative chocolate into the chocolate market due to all the existing problems surrounding cocoa production.

“Mass-produced cocoa is fraught with ethical issues, including the widespread use of child and slave labor, and environmental devastation such as carbon-emitting deforestation and habitat loss.

It is a crop that is also highly vulnerable to climate change, including rising temperatures and decreased rainfall, leading experts to predict chocolate shortages for years to come. 

Consumers are increasingly concerned about how their food is produced, and we're here for it," says WNWN.

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  • Sure sure... and they want the transfer of the profits of the people from the countryside in a synthetic "food" company. Pathetic news… leave me with the cacao bean and let's think about better crop management practices and educate but not stray from nature….

  • If it doesn't have cocoa or cocoa butter it ought to be illegal to call it chocolate. illegal! Imitation chocolate with an emphasis on imitation clearly read on every side of the package.

  • The growth of society, population, technology, it is logical to understand that there are new technologies in the process of synthetic foods similar to the natural. It is up to each person to choose which one is best for them. Likewise, evaluate what components this synthetic product has that may affect the body in the near future due to the consumption of these products. Great impacts on the commercial and harvest chain by substituting the use of cocoa.

  • It is a lie to call it chocolate, because it does not contain cocoa, milk solids, or cocoa butter, on the other hand, let's think of better ways to grow cocoa and make it more sustainable...
    Vegetable fat products are the worst for human health..! And surely this attempt at "chocolate" is full of other unsustainable oils, I would like to see the percentage of what is contained in this "wonderful chocolate bar" and we will see how sustainable it is!

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