At Easter you have all these plans with chocolate


From having a cup of hot chocolate in the Waraira Repano, visiting a cocoa farm in Carabobo state, witnessing the world's longest chocolate in Caripito, Monagas state, to giving away eggs this Easter Sunday.

During these holidays for Easter there are several options where the cacao and chocolate are the protagonists to have a good time.

Enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate, visit a cocoa farm, witness the longest chocolate in the world and even give away chocolate eggs This Easter Sunday, are some of the plans with chocolate that you can do these days with your family.

A cup of hot chocolate at the Warairarepano

If they find you in Caracas, and you don't plan to leave the city, we suggest you go up to the Warairarepano during these Holy Week holidays and have one of the richest hot chocolates in the city to get around the cold it is in these heights.

Here you have the option of taking the chocolate from the Cacao Venezuela stores or from the kiosks that make life along the Warairarepano boulevard.

Search for Easter Eggs at Hacienda La Trinidad

If you have children and you are in Caracas, you can take them on Easter Sunday at 3:00 PM to look for colored eggs in the gardens of Hacienda La Trinidad. The activity is organized by Cacao de Origen and the meeting point is at Secadero 5 of this cultural park.

In this place you can also buy Easter chocolate eggs to give away and enjoy with your family.

Visit the Hacienda San Cayetano, in the state of Carabobo

But if you are in the state of Carabobo, you can visit the San Cayetano cacao farm, which for several years has had its doors open to the public to publicize the entire chocolate production process. from cocoa cultivation.

La San Cayetano Farm is located in the central region of the country, in the Valles Altos of Carabobo state, in the town of Canoabo, Bejuma municipality of Carabobo state, and is open every day of Easter until Sunday, April 17, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 p.m.

In this place you can enjoy tours of both the hacienda and the Valle Canoabo chocolate factory. It also has a restaurant and a chocolate shop.

In its chocolate shop you can buy colorful and original chocolate eggs filled with surprises to give away this Easter Sunday.

Witness the longest chocolate in the world in Caripito, Monagas

In the event that you are in the state of Monagas, an interesting option to enjoy these days of Holy Week is to visit Caripito, and not only because it is considered the Jerusalem of Venezuela, a Nazarene of more than 15 meters in height is part of its landscape, but because in this also famous cocoa and chocolate town this Easter Sunday the longest chocolate in the world will be made, to break a new Guinness Record.

The activity, which is organized by the Our Earth Foundation, looking to get his fourth record.

The first was achieved in 2015 by making the largest coin in the world, it weighed 847 kilos; the second was obtained in 2016 for the largest chocolate tasting, bringing together 419 tasters; and the third, in 2017, for the largest chocolate bar mosaic, which was 18.56 meters.

This new challenge of making the longest chocolate in the world will be made with the one made by the Chocopito brand.

Give away chocolate eggs this Easter Sunday

Another activity with chocolate that you can do anywhere you are in Venezuela is to buy the delicious and colorful chocolate eggs made with the best cocoa from Venezuela to give away this Easter Sunday.

Many chocolatiers and Venezuelan pastry shops that every year join in making these delicious eggs filled with surprises to celebrate this day.

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