In Valencia they make chocolate ice cream from Valle Canoabo

cocoa ice cream

The Gelato Almafi ice cream parlor partnered with the Valle Canoabo brand of tablets to produce this delicious flavor originating from the cocoa produced by its Hacienda San Cayetano, in the Carabobeño town of Canoabo.

The Valencian artisan ice cream parlor Gelato Almafi and the Canoabo brand of chocolate bars, Valle Canoabo, joined forces to create a delicious frozen chocolate ball, the Gelato Valle Canoabo.

“One of our favorite chocolates is Valle Canoabo. For this reason, without hesitating for a second, we decided to formulate a recipe with this chocolate, ”the ice cream parlor published on his Instagram account.

This creamy ice cream, which stands out for its notes of honey and brown sugar, characteristic of the cocoa grown in the Canoabo Valley, comes in two presentations: 700ML and 473ML.

Amalfi Gelato

Gelato Amalfi is an artisan ice cream parlor with a store in Valencia that creates flavors inspired by Italian ice cream recipes with chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa.

And although hazelnut cream is one of its main ingredients that unites with chocolate made with a high percentage of cocoa, here you can find one made with only 100% cocoa chocolate.

Canoabo Valley Chocolate

The Valle Canoabo chocolate factory, located in the Hacienda San Cayetano, in the Carabobo town of Canoabo, was founded by Luis Morales, of Chilean origin, who decided to make a life in the Venezuelan countryside betting on producing one of the best cocoas in the world.

The Hacienda San Cayetano, which has a little more than 8 hectares, in addition to housing the Valle Canoabo chocolate factory, which produces bars and chocolates from the cocoa plants that are produced in this place, is a place for visits, tours and good food.

Located about 20 minutes by car from Valencia, the capital of the Carabobo state, it is located on a large piece of land where all the phases for the production of chocolate interact at the same time.

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  • Delicious cocoa ice cream, an elixir of artisan history, how many natural processes and microorganisms under the plant to generate a beautiful ear and a succulent grain to delight our palate. Congratulations 💐

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