In Venezuela, the 100% cocoa chocolate bar is also made

100% cocoa chocolate bar

The artisan chocolate maker Ricata is one of the few that has bet on the production of these bars that are made only with cocoa paste, and that are gaining ground in France for their purity.

In Venezuela, some artisan chocolatiers have decided to alter the original recipe of the chocolate bar, and have removed the sugar to reach the purest flavor of cocoa, 100%.

This recipe, which several French chocolatiers have had on their production line for fine bars for some time, consists of only removing the sugar, which is the ingredient, along with cocoa, with which traditional chocolate is made.

The first chocolate bars made in the world only contained cocoa paste and sugar; in the XNUMXth century French Encyclopedia it appears that chocolate used to be sold in the form of bars, half cocoa and half sugar, flavored with some vanilla and cinnamon, and that they were not considered delicious snacks, but rather fast foods.

However, over time, with the evolution of research in this area, chocolatiers added other ingredients such as manteca of cocoa and milk, which helped soften and improve its flavor.

But in the search for purer results, and with the help of technological advances in chocolate making, chocolatiers have managed to create bars with only cocoa paste.

However, to achieve the desired results, they must work with the best cocoa, the Creole.

The 100% cocoa Venezuelan chocolate is called Ricata

Venezuelan artisan chocolate brand Ricata has a 100% cocoa chocolate bar on its production line. Its base product, a creole from Sur del Lago.

This tablet is only made with cocoa paste, without cane sugar and without sweeteners of any kind, and the result is a bar with intense and balanced flavors that only a good Creole cocoa gives.

In France, chocolate houses such as Valhrona, Lindt Excellence and Pralús are some of the best known in this country that have been competing in the field of 100% cocoa chocolate for some years now.

Valhrona has a presentation of 70 grams of the 100% cocoa dark chocolate bar, made with the variety of Creole cocoa from Sur del Lago. Araguani.

While Pralús has a 3.5-ounce presentation of the 100% Creole cocoa dark chocolate bar from Madagascar, and Lindt Excellence a 50-gram presentation of the 100% dark chocolate bar.

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