Meet the most original chocolates to celebrate Halloween


Enjoy this list of Venezuelan chocolatiers that made the most delicious and chilling chocolates and lollipops for this day.

At Puro Chocolate we walk through the social networks of the most delicious Venezuelan chocolate shops to find the most original chocolates and chocolates to give away on this day and, you can't imagine what we find.

Cocoa Factory

To celebrate Halloween, this Venezuelan gourmet candy store created boxes of chocolates with “spooky” shapes of pumpkins, ghosts, bats and skulls to share.


This brand of chocolate bars released for this day a special edition of chocolate lollipops in the shape of ghosts and mini draculas for the little ones.

Cocoa Lab

For this occasion, this fine chocolate shop also produced a special edition of succulent “terrifying” chocolates in the shape of Scream, ghosts, pumpkins and red eyes.

Arcay Chocolates

The Arcay Chocolates sweet shop did not miss this chilling occasion either and produced some delicious and monstrous chocolate lollipops in the shape of Frankenstein, pumpkins, ghosts, mummies and bats.

ChocoGift it

This bean-to-bar chocolate and candy store prepared for this day some delicious and chilling chocolate skulls to give as gifts, which will surely make more than one tremble...

The House of Chocolate

La Casa del Chocolate could not miss this opportunity to make the most original creations with chocolate and created a collection of popsicles, oreos and marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

The Praline Chocolatier

This fine chocolate shop wanted to celebrate in a big way this Halloween and made a wide variety of delicious chocolates with “terrifying” shapes of bats, red eyes, skulls, ghosts and pumpkins.

cocoa love

This artisan candy and chocolate shop also said yes to this celebration and, to pamper its customers, it made delicious and terrifying black and white chocolate bonbons in the shape of skulls, pumpkins, ghosts and bats.

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