These are the five best chocolates in Venezuela in 2022

Venezuelan chocolates

This list, compiled by Puro Chocolate, contains this year's national and international award-winning dark, milk and white bars.

At Puro Chocolate we have compiled a list of the best five chocolates in the country based on the National and International Chocolate Awards given this year.

In this list you will find dark, milk, encrusted and white bean to bar chocolates from different artisan brands from all over the country.

The white chocolate bar with lemon 20/20

The white chocolate tablet with lemon from the Carabobo bean to bar brand 20/20 won the silver medal in the category of White Chocolate Bars with Infusion or Aroma at the International Chocolate Awards.

This tablet of white chocolate, which combines the sweet and creamy flavor of white chocolate with the acidity of lemon, was launched in may this year.

20/20 is a Venezuelan chocolate house that has been producing its various chocolate bars since 2017 made with cocoa that is grown in the Carabobo state, from Patanemo to Canoabo.

It also makes chocolate bars from other origins in the country, such as Chuao, Yaracuy and Piaroa.

Delirio's dark chocolate bar

The dark chocolate bar of Carenero 65% cocoa origin from the Margarita bean to bar brand Delirio won first prize in the dark chocolate origin bars category of the 2022 National Chocolate Contest.

"Officially Margarita has the BEST dark chocolate from Venezuela”, the chocolatier posted on her Instagram stories after learning the results of the contest held in July of this year.

Delirio is a chocolate house with one year in the Venezuelan market for chocolates and original chocolates.

The tablet Belén María Palacios 63% Divine Heritage

The Belén María Palacios 63% chocolate bar from the Herencia Divina brand won the silver medal in the category of Caramels dipped in dark chocolate at the International Chocolate Awards.

This tablet It belongs to the "Heirs of cocoa" line of this chocolate house, in which they pay tribute to characters that have or had to do with cocoa in our country

Belén María Palacios, cultural patrimony of Barlovento, was a cocoa farmer, candy maker and the queen of “quitiplas” in her life.

Petra's Cruzado white chocolate tablet

The Cruzado white chocolate tablet from the Barlovente bean to bar brand Petra won first prize in the category of bars with natural infusions of the 2022 National Chocolate Contest.

This white chocolate tablet has the flavors of the melissa and the sarrapia.

Petra is a chocolate house based in Barlovento, Miranda state, founded more than 20 years ago by Mrs. Petra Galarraga, awarded the title of Living Cultural Heritage of Miranda state for her famous journey in the elaboration of Creole sweets and cocoa balls. during all his life.

His son, Luis Alberto Brito Galarraga, and his wife Greicy Muñoz are the ones who continue this sweet work of Mrs. Petra, who passed away in 2022.

The milk chocolate bar from Cata Cacao

The milk chocolate tablet from the Aragonese brand Cata Cacao won first place in the milk chocolate bars category of the 2022 National Chocolate Contest.

This bar of chocolate the origin It was made with cocoa from Barlovento, Miranda state.

This Araguan chocolate house works with cocoa from different regions of the country, especially from the state of Aragua and Miranda.

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