These are the most famous chocolate wafers in Venezuela

chocolate wafer

Because World Chocolate Wafer Day is celebrated today, at Puro Chocolate we decided to share the most famous of our country.

Although a little-known celebration, the chocolate wafer is another delicious chocolate dessert that has its day to remind us of how happy it makes us to savor it, filled with one of the most appetizing flavors in the world, chocolate.

Composed of at least two superimposed layers, and filled with cream, the wafer is a biscuit of English origin that became popular in the XNUMXth century throughout Europe, especially in Italy.

However, the chocolate filling came at least two centuries later, after the discovery of this food from the cacao tree.

In the world there are countless candy companies that make this ancient recipe, among which the predominant multinational Nestlé stands out, which with its famous brand of KitKat chocolate wafers celebrated this day today.

And although Nestle Savoy He omitted to mention this day, in our country we have some of the richest chocolate wafers: Susy and Samba chocolate cookies, which are so delicious that they have been sweetening for more than half a century in Venezuela.

But more recently we have the chocolate wafer from the Venezuelan candy company Danibiski, the version of its star product Palito, which is another delight that also sweetens in our country.

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