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Puro Chocolate is a web page of the Últimas Noticias Group dedicated to the world of cocoa and its main product: chocolate.

By reading us you enter a journey of stories, secrets, anecdotes and information about this fruit and chocolate, one of the most precious foods by humanity.

How is cocoa processed? How many types of cocoa plants are there? How was cocoa consumed in the beginning? Who invented the first chocolate bar? What foods go well with chocolate?

Venezuela is known throughout the world for its fine aroma cocoa, whose production for export dates back to colonial times, some 400 years ago.

The most renowned chocolatiers in North America and Europe maintain their preference for this fruit that grows on our lands due to its proven quality.

Today there are more compatriots who, in addition to maintaining the traditional practice of its cultivation, have turned to processing this fruit to offer first-class chocolates at home that stand out among the best in the world.

For all this and thanks to a team of journalists dedicated to the investigation and exclusive monitoring of cocoa and chocolate, Puro Chocolate is a reality.