Franceschi, 20/20 and HD won at the Chocolate Awards

Chocolate Awards

These Venezuelan chocolate houses obtained silver and bronze in this international competition in which chocolatiers from all over the world participate.

The Venezuelan chocolate houses Franceschi, Herencia Divina and 20/20 won the silver prize at the Americas Bean-to-Bar and Craft Chocolatier Competition 2021-22, of the International Chocolate Awards, in which they were chosen Winners in more than 30 categories.

Franceschi obtained silver in the Natural/Origin Dark Chocolate Bars category, for its Franceschi Chocolate Río Caribe 70% cocoa chocolate bar. It achieved a score of 87.4.

While 20/20 Chocolates achieved silver in the White Chocolate Bars with Infusion or Aroma category, for its White Chocolate with Beetroot and Lemon bar. She achieved a score of 86,2.

“We are very honored to receive this award at the International Chocolate Awards for our white chocolate with beetroot and lemon. Our goal is to leave Venezuela high on the world chocolate scene,” the Carabobo chocolate company published on its Instagram account.

And Herencia Divida won two awards, one bronze in the category Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces, for its Exotic bar (85,1 points); and one silver in the Dark Chocolate Dipped Candies category, for her tablet Belén María Palacios 63% (86,4 points).

Winners with Venezuelan cocoa

Venezuelan cocoa also stood out in this competition as two chocolatiers, one from Colombia and the other from Brazil, were recognized for their chocolate bars made with cocoa from Venezuela.

The Colombian chocolate house IF. COCOA it won silver and bronze in the Micro-batch category – Natural/Origin Bitter Chocolate Bars, with its Ocumare Venezuela 72% tablet, with 89 points; and its tablet Choroní Venezuela 70%, with 86 points, respectively.

While the Brazilian chocolate company Miroh! Chocolatiers, obtained silver in the Micro-batch category – Chocolate bars with natural/origin milk for its Venezuela Caribe 58% dark milk tablet, with 87.6 points.

The International Chocolate Awards

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent competition that recognizes excellence in the manufacture of bars and products made with fine chocolate, whose objective is to support the companies and chocolatiers that produce them and chocolatiers.

By helping these markets grow and develop, they also seek to support farmers who grow fine cocoa.

The awards were founded in 2012 and are run by a group of independent international partners based in the UK, Italy and the US with years of experience in chocolate tasting and judging and in organizing fine chocolate related events. .

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