Winner of Master Chocolatiers praised the quality of Chuao cocoa

Cocoa Chuao

Visiting the country for the first time, the Catalan Lluc Crusellas experienced the production process of the only cocoa with a designation of origin in Venezuela, Chuao.

The winner of the world Masters competition chocolatier 2022, the Catalan Lluc Crusellas, praised the quality of Chuao cocoa, the only one with a designation of origin in the country.

Quoted by the EFE news agency, the chocolatier chef said that this is a “high quality” cocoa, the result of a “job well done”, in which the cocoa farmer takes care of the entire cocoa production process “in detail”.

These statements were offered at the end of a class on chocolate sculpture that he gave at the Azú pastry shop, where a master's degree endorsed by the Barcelona Guild Pastry School (EPGB) is taught.

During his week-long visit to Venezuela, Crusellas got to know the Hacienda wow, where he learned about the entire cocoa production process.

"They take great care of the product at all levels, be it harvesting, fermenting, or drying, and it has been a very nice experience, because really living how it is grown, how the cocoa is transformed with the people who make it It has really been very positive," he told EFE.

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