Havanna brought out a vegan alfajor with 70% cocoa

Alfajor Havana 70% cocoa

This new presentation does not contain cow's milk and is made with buckwheat flour, for people allergic to lactose and gluten.

The most famous alfajores brand in Argentina and the world, Havanna, released a new presentation of its delicious alfajores recipe: the vegan one with 70% cocoa.

This alfajor, suitable for people who cannot or do not want to consume lactose or gluten, is made with buckwheat flour, filled with almond dulce de leche and covered with dark chocolate.

With a pleasant texture and a little softer compared to the traditional alfajores of this brand, the main ingredient of this vegan recipe is its chocolate coating with 70% cocoa.

While almond dulce de leche, whose viscosity is similar to jam, emulates an almost similar flavor to dulce de leche.

For now, this new alfajor can only be purchased on the Argentine Atlantic coast during the remainder of the summer in this South American country.

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