Hershey celebrates cocoa in Mexico with a bar of Mexican origin

cocoa and chocolate day

The US-based chocolate multinational created a bar with only Mexican cocoa to accompany the celebration of Cocoa and Chocolate Day in Mexico.

To be present at the celebration of Cocoa and Chocolate Day in Mexico, the US-based chocolate multinational Hershey created a 100% cocoa tablet of Mexican origin: Hershey's Cocoa Creations.

"The first Hershey's bar with 100% cocoa of Mexican origin is here!", the multinational published on its Instagram account in Mexico, after two previous publications in which it announced this surprise for Cocoa and Chocolate Day in Mexico that is celebrated every September 2.

This chocolate bar contains 70% cocoa produced mainly in Tabasco and Chiapas wrapped in a design that highlights the origin of the bar. 

Hershey Cocoa Project

The launch of this new 100% Mexican origin bar is an opportunity for Hershey to highlight the work it has done in the cocoa plantations of Chiapas together with its farmers.

Since 2007, this company has led the Hershey Cocoa Project in these lands, in which it offers its full support to the cocoa community of Chiapas, in order to preserve this fruit that represents the roots of Mexico. 

This initiative comes after a strong plague of Moniliasis (a disease that severely affects the cocoa fruit) caused a loss of between 90% and 95% of the production of the plots and negatively impacted the producers of the region.

It is a work that is more than 11 years old and among its results are the delivery of more than 500,000 cocoa plants resistant to monilia to 17 communities in Chiapas, the training of more than 200 producers, and the renovation of more than 500 hectares. of cultivation.

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