Hershey's Canada honors five young women in Women's Month


The multinational chocolate company with US capital created five limited edition HER for SHE chocolate bars that make visible the work of these Canadians.

The largest chocolate company in the United States, Hershey's, created for its Canadian public five limited edition chocolate bars that make visible the work of the same number of young Canadians in commemoration of Women's Month.

This collection is made up of two bars of white chocolate encrusted with cookies and caramels, and three bars of creamy milk chocolate with whole almonds.

“This International Women's Day we are bringing visibility to 5 young Canadians who will change the way we see the future with 5 limited edition bars HER for SHE”, the Canadian-based multinational chocolatier published on its Instagram account.

The five young women who change the world

In this campaign, one by one the young Canadians "who are changing the way we see the future" honored by this important chocolate brand are reflected.

The first of these is Autumn, a Canadian activist for indigenous rights and water. She is 18 years old and “speaks to world leaders, drawing global attention and action on Canada's water issues,” Hershey's notes on her Instagram.

The second of these is Rita, founder of Period Pop-Ups and Canadian activist for gender equality and education. She is 22 years old and "makes sure that marginalized people in her local community have access to menstrual products," she tells the chocolate brand.

“Now she works with organizations to reduce the gender gap in education and shape a more equal future,” she adds.

The third of them is Naila, who is an environmental researcher. She is 16 years old and works on the creation of bioplastics and solar panels to do her part against the problem of climate change.

"To empower other teens to have an impact, she co-created the Curiosity Podcast, a program where she interviews renowned STEM inventors, knowing that their experiences can inspire future generations," Hershey's Instagram reports.

The fourth of these is Fae, a Canadian 2SLGBTQIA+ advocate who has played a leading role in promoting 2SLGBTQIA+ rights in Canada such as banning conversion therapy and protecting trans mental health.

“As CEO of Wisdom2Action Consulting Ltd., she works with organizations to foster more inclusive, fair and safe communities,” says Hershey's.

And the fifth of them is Kelicia, founder of Girl Up Québec, an organization that helps young women drive change in underrepresented fields.

“By helping them develop leadership and advocacy skills, you are raising the next generation of women to be the leaders of tomorrow,” the chocolate company says.

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