Today is International Chocolate Cake Day!

Chocolate cake

This unofficial party is celebrated every January 27 to find out how long this delicious dessert has been with us. In our country it dates from the middle of the XNUMXth century.

Every January 27, the world celebrates chocolate cake day, a recipe that dates back more than two centuries and was created in the United States.

The invention is attributed to the doctor James Baker, founder of the Baker's Chocolate brand, and who started in this world of chocolate in 1764 together with the chocolatier John Hannon, owner of the company "Hannon's Best Chocolate".

Both imported cocoa beans that they processed to make chocolate at the Hannon factory located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

But with the purchase of Hannon's company in 1780, and the creation of his own brand, Baker's Chocolate, Baker created a mix for making chocolate cakes, which he distributed mainly to the northeastern United States until his expansion in 1804.

In 1849, under the direction of Baker's son, Walter, the brand was already in the state of California.

More than a century later, and after some changes in this mix, the name of the company and owners, this company passes, in 1989, into the hands of the transnational Kraft Foods.

Chocolate cake in Venezuela

The preparation of chocolate desserts in our country began quite late. According to records, it was not until the middle of the XNUMXth century that recipes for these delicious preparations began to be known.

While in the United States and Europe pastry chefs and chocolatiers have been experimenting since the XNUMXth century XVIII with this succulent ingredient to expand its variety of desserts, in our country it was known almost exclusively for drinking in a cup.

The most complete book of recipes on desserts that were made at the time of its publication, in 1953, La Cocina de Casilda, sweets and sandwiches from yesterday's Venezuela, by Graciela Schael Martínez, only refers to two sweet preparations with chocolate, from 234 registered: one for the chocolate `quesillo´, and another for the chocolate cake.

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