In Lara they exposed the uses in the kitchen of cocoa and agave cocui

I Cocoa and Agave Cocui Festival

Chefs, producers and experts in these two plants met at the I Cocoa and Agave Cocui Festival, which was held in Barquisimeto to publicize its use in gastronomy and other benefits.

During the I Cocoa and Agave Cocui Festival, held from September 2 to 4 in the city of Barquisimeto, Lara state, chefs, producers and experts in cocoa and agave cocui plants exposed their uses in gastronomy and benefits through different activities open to visitors to the Center Las Trinitarias Commercial.

A press release from the organization highlights that during the three days that this festival lasted, training and cultural activities, live classes, tastings and demonstrations, contests and exhibitions of entrepreneurs were carried out.

Pastry chef Emerson Freitez taught a live class at this festival.

Among the participating experts were cocoa specialist Jonathan Torres, who led a discussion on cocoa cultivation in the state of Lara; the specialist in agave cocui crops Leonel Sorondo, who gave a talk on the potential of agave cocui; and the specialist in natural cosmetics Danny Virguez, from Naturillas Comestica Natural, who offered the discussion on the use of cocoa in cosmetology.

Chef Juan Alonso Molina also participated, who gave a discussion on the use of agave cocui in Larense cuisine; pastry chef Emerson Freitez, who conducted a live class; and chocolatier chef Julio Ledezma, from Chocolate Miquelinda, who prepared some delicious cocoa and cocuy truffles.

"Our people from Larense were able to appreciate the exquisite and delicate combination of cocoa and cocuy in a truffle made with 60% bitter chocolate softened in the Miramar style and accompanied by a creamy base and a point of the best cocuy from Larense," Ledezma published in his account. Instagram.

There was also the chocolatier chef Karina Uzcátegui, from Chok Chocolate, who offered a chocolate and agave cocui tasting and gave a live class; and the chocolatier Alexander Espinoza from Sublime9, winner of the third prize in the contest for the best bitter chocolate at the Expoferia Cacao y Ron Miranda 2022.

Likewise, to complement this knowledge, the chronicler of the Urdaneta municipality of Lara state, the master cocuyero Héctor Pineda, participated, who gave a class on the history and uses of the agave cocui.

One of the organizers of this festival, the founder of Chocolates La Victoria, Yenitza López, highlighted that among the objectives of this event were to make the attendees aware of the uses of cocoa and agave cocui in gastronomy, as well as to support entrepreneurs in these areas and highlight the importance of planting both plants.

That of the agave cocui for its conditions adaptable to semi-arid climates, such as Larense; and cocoa as a conservation crop.

This event included the participation of the Vicente Emilio Sojo Typical Orchestra.

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