In Scotland they make chocolate with cocoa Porcelain

The bean to bar company Chocolate Tree Scotland has been making 2016% cocoa tablets since 85 with this Venezuelan variety of Criollo cocoa.

Scottish chocolate company bean to bar Chocolate Tree Scotland once again won an award at the competition Bean to Bar from Europe, the Middle East and Africa 2023, from the International Chocolate Award, with its Porcelain Venezuela 85% cocoa tablet.

“Porcelana is unique in terms of quality and genetics. It is harvested, fermented and dried in micro batches by the company in Venezuela. This is a must-try for any serious lover of dark chocolate”, this chocolate house published on its Instagram account where it celebrated this second achievement with its dark bar made with Porcelana cocoa.

Cocoa Porcelain
Chocolate Tree Scotland was once again recognized at European awards for its Porcelana Venezuela tablet.

And it is that in 2016 this chocolate house had already won gold with this same tablet of Porcelana Venezuela 85% chocolate in the European awards of the International Chocolate Award. “Venezuela 85% just won the GOLD! at @chocawards. Awarded as the best high percentage bar in Europe! super pleased," Chocolate Tree Scotland wrote on his Instagram account at the time.

In 2016, this Scottish chocolate house won gold at the Chocolates Awards for its 85% Venezuela Porcelain.

Chocolate Tree Scotland

Chocolate tree scotland is a Scottish artisan chocolate company that only makes chocolate bars with organic cocoa grown in countries in the south and center of the American continent such as Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela.

In our country, Chocolate Tree Scotland works directly with Chococao, a Porcelana cocoa producer located in Sur del Lago.

This cocoa is part of the group of nine varieties of the type Creole which grows in the west of the country, mainly in Sur del Lago, and which, like Chuao cocoa, is one of the most valued within and outside our borders for its fine aroma and flavor.

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