Jeff de Bruges produces chocolate ganache with Venezuelan cocoa

Jeff of Brugge

This Belgian chocolate house, founded in 1986 by Philippe Jambon, makes its delicious chocolates and bars in a responsible and sustainable way.

El cacao Venezuelan chocolate is part of the responsible and sustainable production line of dark chocolate bars from the Belgian chocolatier Jeff Bruges.

This tablet for ganache dark chocolate, called Venezuela, is made with 70% cocoa, and is a favorite for making this delicious chocolate preparation.

Jeff de Bruges, a responsible and sustainable chocolatier

for the chocolate house Jeff deBurges, founded in 1986 by the Belgian chocolatier Philippe Jambon, there can be no good chocolate if there is no respect for the producer, his family and the land.

That is why this Belgian chocolatier, whose first store opened in the city of Bruges, became a cocoa producer in 2017, acquiring its own plantation in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to ensure that "everything is done well, from the grain to bar”.

In their plantation they apply sustainable agricultural practices, preserving the biodiversity of their land.

However, having their own plantation does not limit them to making their fine chocolates with cocoa from other countries, such as Venezuela, from Guatemala and others from Africa, such as Tanzania and Ivory.

As for its chocolate recipes, this chocolatier works with ingredients of natural origin and without hydrogenated vegetable oils, genetically modified organisms or palm oil.

All their chocolates are made with cocoa beans from their farm, or other origin specified by them, and cocoa butter.

Currently, Jeff de Bruges has more than 480 stores in France, and dozens more in countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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