Kaldi presented its coffee with cocoa in the second edition of the EICEV

coffee with cocoa

This gourmet Venezuelan coffee brand is a pioneer in our country in uniting the flavors of coffee and cocoa in a single package.

The gourmet coffee company Kaldi took advantage of this second edition of the International Meeting of Venezuelan Specialty Coffee (EICEV) to promote its innovative coffee with cocoa, unique in the national market.

“Did you know that we are the creators of the first 100% Venezuelan coffee capsules? And not only that, but also the pioneers in combining coffee and cocoa in a single package.

Come to our stand and discover our variety and flavor. From July 13 to 15 at the Laguito del Círculo Militar de Caracas”, the brand published on its Instagram account.

Kaldi's coffee and cocoa flavor, in presentations of 400 grams, 900 grams and capsules, has been on the Venezuelan market for one year.

"Coffee and cocoa capsules are the first of their kind and also the first made in Venezuela. With them, we want to demonstrate the quality of production in this country and position Venezuelan coffee, in addition to continuing to work in search of the meeting the needs of our customers, providing support to all Venezuelan farmers, who grow each coffee bean and now cocoa, that we process”, said the Marketing Manager of Café Kaldi, Jesús Rodríguez, during the presentation to the press of this cafe in July 2022.

The flavor of this coffee with cocoa can be tasted prepared in a French press until this Saturday, July 15, at the Kaldi stand.

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