KitKat celebrates Chinese New Year with rabbit chocolates

Chinese New Year

This special edition will only be available in China during the more than two weeks that the celebration lasts, from January 22 to February 9.

The famous brand of chocolate biscuit bars KitKat joined the Chinese New Year celebration with the launch of a box with chocolate bunnies to give away.

“Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with our favorite bunny! ”, published the famous brand on its Instagram account.

Along with its traditional slogan "Take a break", KitKat added for this occasion the message "Take a rabbit" on the special edition box of rabbit chocolates

Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is the most important traditional holiday of the year in the Chinese calendar, also celebrated in other countries in East and Southeast Asia.

The year 2023 will be in the People's Republic of China the year 4721, the year of the water rabbit, which represents skill, ingenuity and prosperity in the culture of the Asian country. .

KitKat joins the festivities

This is not the first time that KitKat joins the celebration of a special date.

For Gay Pride month, in 2022 this crunchy chocolate dipped cookie launched in Canada the Pride KitKat collection, or in its Spanish translation Orgullo KitKat, to celebrate individuality and self-expression.

This edition consisted of two chocolate bars, one white and one dark, decorated with bright colors that identify this community.

This chocolate brand is also always the first to bring out original figures for Christmas and Halloween; and among the variety of its products, it recently launched a bar with exclusively vegan ingredients.

KitKat, a Nestlé acquisition

KitKat is a milk chocolate biscuit created by the Rowntree Limited company in York, England, in 1935.

But after its purchase by the multinational Nestlé in 1988, as happened on that date with other companies in the world such as Savoy, is marketed under this brand in many countries around the world.

In Venezuela, this famous cookie made up of four bars and covered with a layer of milk chocolate can be purchased in different stores in the country.

Its traditional red packaging has been maintained over time.

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