KitKat put crème de menthe on her crunchy cookie


This new version of one of the most famous chocolate covered cookies can only be found in Australia.

KitKat, one of the most famous brands of chocolate-dipped cookie bars, launched a new mint-flavored version.

“Take a break with the new KiKat with crème de menthe and cookies! Crisp KitKat cookies now topped with mint crème and cookie pieces, all covered in deliciously smooth milk chocolate," the brand posted on its Instagram account, noting that they will be available in Australia.

KitKat, a Nestlé acquisition

KitKat is a milk chocolate biscuit created by the Rowntree Limited company in York, England, in 1935.

But after its purchase by the multinational Nestlé in 1988, as happened on that date with other companies in the world such as Savoy, is marketed under this brand in many countries around the world.

In Venezuela, this famous cookie made up of four bars and covered with a layer of milk chocolate can be purchased in different stores in the country.

Its traditional red packaging has been maintained over time.

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