KKO Real premiered its first Premium line this 2022

Royal KKO

There are four fine chocolate bars that already compete in quality and flavor in the Venezuelan market: 58% dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and 70% dark chocolate.

The Venezuelan brand of cocoa-derived raw material and ready-made products for confectionery and chocolate drinks, KKO Real, launched its line of Premium chocolate bars in 2022, 30 and 70-gram presentations in 100.

Dark chocolate 58% cocoa, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate 70% cocoa, are the four varieties of this new collection, that already competes in quality and flavor in the national market for fine chocolate bars.

Made with the best cocoa from Barlovento, with the meticulousness of the artisan and the mentality of the industrial, the purpose of this Premium line is to offer the Venezuelan public more options of quality chocolate bars to choose from.

Royal KKO

Established in 2006, this company based in Guarenas, Miranda state, went from only producing raw material for making chocolate products, such as butter, liquor and cocoa powder, to creating its own products for the final consumer.

In 2008, KKO Real launched its cocoa brand on the market in dust to make hot chocolate in a cup and cocoa powder for baking; and in 2010 it produces its chocolate drink Chococao.

However, for KKO Real its most important product is its school of chocolate and confectionery, from which expert chocolatiers have emerged as the creators of the brand Cata Cacao, winners of the first prize of the 2022 National Chocolate Contest in the category bars of milk chocolate origin.

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