Krön surprises with pure cocoa Chocolate Drops


In confectionery, this new product is ideal for decorating and preparing recipes that require the most intense flavor of cocoa.

The Venezuelan chocolate company Kron announced this week the launch of its most recent product: the 100% Chocolate Drops cacao, which was made to cover a need identified among pastry chefs and cooks in the country.

The Chocolate Drops, which can be used for decorations or recipes that require a more intense cocoa flavor, come in two presentations: dark chocolate and milk chocolate, in 500-gram and 1-kilo bags.

This new product joins the Krön confectionery line, which at the end of last year launched its Chocolate Coverage Drops in three presentations: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Chocolate Coating Drops can be used for mix-ins or as chips and are characterized by easy melting and a firm, glossy coating. And although Chocolate Drops can also be melted, their process is slower because they are harder.

Kron Chocolates

Chocolates Krön is a company dedicated to the production of products derived from cacao Venezuelan. In their line of products they offer both artisan chocolates and mass and industrial consumption.

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