The most famous cocoa and hazelnut cream had a party


World Nutella Day is celebrated every February 5 at the initiative of the Italian-American blogger Sara Rosso.

This week, the most famous cocoa and hazelnut cream, Nutella, had a party. And to celebrate, this brand expanded its product line to the United States.

From now on you can buy Nutella in this country B-Ready (starting at $1,89) and Nutella Biscuits ($ 4,79).

This was announced through her Instagram account by the Italian-American influencer Sara Rosso, creator of World Nutella Day.

Since 2017, every February 5 the creation of this the perfect spreadable, which in 2024 will be 60 years old.

the nutella

Nutella is a delicious sweet spread that is made with seven ingredients: sugar, palm oil and 13% hazelnuts; 8,7% skimmed milk powder; 7,4% defatted cocoa, lecithin (soy) and vanilla.

Its original recipe arose in Italy during World War II, a consequence of the high cost of cocoa, and since then it has evolved and changed its name until it achieved the formula that everyone loves in the world.

This brand of hazelnut and cocoa spreadable cream appears in the Guinness Book of Records.

On May 29, 2005, 27.854 people in Gelserkirchen, Germany participated in the "Biggest Continental Breakfast Ever" with Nutella.

In France, it is one of the most famous fillings for traditional sweet crepes; and in a restaurant in the American city of Chicago, an extensive menu of recipes is offered in which this spreadable cream is the protagonist.

In our country it is one of the most popular and sold imported sweets.

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