The most awarded chocolate bar in the world is in Ecuador

Ecuadorian chocolate

This chocolate brand has obtained more than 400 awards since it was founded in 2002 for the quality of its exclusive bars.

The most awarded tree-to-bar chocolate brand in the world, with more than 400 recognitions inside and outside its country, is in Ecuador and is called Pacari.

Founded in 2002 by the Ecuadorian couple Santiago Peralta and Carla Barbotó, this brand is recognized in their country and the world for its flavor, quality and respect for nature and the work of the cocoa producer.

Biodynamics is the agricultural practice applied by this company that exports its cocoa-based products to more than 20 countries.

In fact, it recently just achieved carbon neutrality recognition, after measuring and reducing the impact of its operations.

As well as fair trade. Pacari works with more than 3.500 farmers without intermediaries, generating trust and transparency by giving them a fair price for their product.

"We share with them knowledge about organic and biodynamic processes, which allow them to obtain a better product while taking care of their land," the company reports on its website.

"We have become a benchmark for quality and production processes in the category, prioritizing the producer and helping him to generate quality crops organically, taking care of his land and his future," he adds.

Pacari's chocolate bars

Pacari's chocolate bars are made with the best cocoa from Ecuador and ingredients from this nation and the world.

In their line of chocolate bars they have more than 35 flavors, among which orange, sweet pepper, ginger and chia, chili, jasmine, passion fruit, blueberries, uvilla, cherry coffee, yucca, among many others, stand out.

A few years after its foundation, this company was already exporting and obtaining national and international recognition.

In 2013 he obtained his first awards at the International Chocolate Awards - Americas, a competition that is considered the "Oscars of chocolates",

At the most recent International Chocolate Awards – Americas 2021-2022, Paccari won 22 awards.

He received gold awards for the Los Ríos and Raw bars, in addition to 12 silver and 6 bronze awards, for the different pieces of chocolate, among which Manabí, Rica Rica and Yerba Mate stand out, which received a rating above of the 80 points that distinguishes them as a fine chocolate of extraordinary quality.

Its tree to bar chocolate bars can be found in Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, the United States, Guatemala, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Sweden, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Finland , United Arab Emirates, Japan, Malaysia and Australia.

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