The Milka tablet now tastes more like cocoa


This Swiss-born chocolate brand improved its traditional recipe so that its famous chocolate bars have more cocoa flavor and are creamier on the palate.

The Swiss chocolate brand Milka was renewed this 2022: it changed its recipe, the shape of its tablets and presentation.

He added more cocoa to the new recipe; he made the tablet a more rounded shape; and he modernized his presentation without dispensing with the lilac color of its packaging or the cow, the protagonist of this brand.

This is the renewed image of this chocolate brand.

“Flavor is what consumers value most when choosing chocolate and this becomes the main driving force behind the purchase decision. With the new Milka we offer an improved taste experience that will allow consumers to enjoy a greater chocolate flavor, together with greater creaminess. We are convinced that this launch will be very well received by current consumers while attracting new ones; something that is essential in order to continue developing the brand in the market”, said Gabriela Alonso, Senior Brand Manager of Milka Spain.


This famous chocolate bar was born in the kitchen of the Swiss chocolatier Philippe Suchard, who in 1986 began the production of his chocolate bars that he first called Suchard and, five years later, changed to Milk, a combination of the words milk and cocoa in German. : Milch and Kakao, the main ingredients of your chocolate.

These tablets, which immediately became famous for their creamy texture generated by the best milk produced in the Swiss Alps, began to be produced a few years later in Germany and Austria.

As for their packaging, from the beginning the lilac color was always used to identify them, although it was in 1964 that it became official as part of the brand, as well as the cow, which only became its central figure in 1973.

Currently, this famous brand of chocolate bars belongs to the multinational Mondeléz International, and the cocoa it needs to make its chocolate is obtained exclusively from the program Cocoa life.

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