La tableta Venezuela de Marcolini es hecha con cacao de Chuao

Venezuela Tablet by Pierre Marcolini

This Belgian chocolate house describes this variety of Venezuelan Creole cocoa as the rarest and most expensive, and highlights that its post-harvesting process is the same as it was 400 years ago.

The Empresa Campesina, a cooperative in charge of the harvest of this cocoa and fishing town in the Venezuelan state of Aragua, is one of the eight producers of cocoa in the world with which the Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini makes its fine chocolate bars.

In this way, Pierre Macolini is one of the most exclusive producers of gourmet chocolate in Europe that works with this variety of cocoa considered by the most outstanding chocolatiers in the world as the best.

The cocoa beans with which the chocolate house pierre marcolini produces its chocolate tablets come from eight local and independent producers in the tropical regions located at 20° North and 20° South of the Equator, which are known as the "Cocoa Belt".

And the only variety of Creole cocoa that this Belgian chocolatier works with is the one produced in Chuao, whose denomination of origin is controlled.

Pierre Marcolini highlights on his website that these are the rarest and most expensive beans, and that the specificity and uniqueness of Chuao cocoa comes from both its history, traditions and its organoleptic qualities.

The post-harvest procedures have been the same for 400 years, thanks to a transmission from generation to generation.

“These grains are extremely rare, they come from a small production located on the coast of Venezuela.

The Chuao area is surrounded by mountains and can only be accessed by boat, limiting human intervention and the arrival of insects from elsewhere.

For this reason, the grains of the Chuao farm have not undergone any evolution for decades and retain their original characteristics.

It is undoubtedly one of the best varieties of Criollo that is produced on the planet, in fact, there are only 20 tons of this cocoa available each year”, refers this chocolate house.

Pierre Marcolini's Venezuela Tablet

The tablet Venezuela by Pierre Marcolini It is 72% dark chocolate and is made from Chuao cocoa beans, and stands out for its sweet, fruity and floral notes.

This 70-gram bar, which is slightly acidic, pure and luminous on the palate, has a value of 8 euros.

The Chuao Tablet by Pierre Marcolini

This chocolate house also has a tablet Chuao by Pierre Marcolini, which is from the Origen dark chocolate line, and contains 78% cocoa produced by the Chuao Farm.

The notes that this chocolate bar emits are caramel and fresh hazelnuts, fruity and slightly honeyed.

"To taste like a great wine, with a good permanence in the mouth, highly appreciated for its freshness, one of the most unforgettable tasting experiences for a cocoa lover", refers the chocolate house on its website.

This bar of 70 grams has a value of 8 euros.

The master chocolatier Pierre Marcolini

Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, winner of almost forty awards, founded this chocolate house that bears his name more than twenty years ago.

In addition to being the one who chooses the plantations where he will acquire his cocoa beans, he is also in charge of the traditional process of making chocolate from the cocoa bean to the tablet.

Every year, Marcolini travels to several countries around the world to find the most exclusive cocoas for its line of Grands Crus chocolates, which includes Chuao.

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  • It comforts that the exquisiteness and exclusivity of what is produced in our land is recognized, God grant that our exquisite variety of coffee receives the same reception…..

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Everything that is produced with work and care will always have very good results and will be highly valued.

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