The Venezuela Tres Martínez tablet is made with Araguani cocoa

Three Martinez

This Spanish family confectionery, with more than 135 years of tradition in Cádiz, makes its products with quality raw materials in an artisanal way.

In the line of chocolate bars made by Tres Martínez, a family confectionery business founded three generations ago, in 1886, in Cádiz, Spain, one made with Venezuelan Criollo cocoa of the variety Araguani.

This out of stock 72% cocoa dark chocolate bar is made with two type, one foreigner and the other Creole, and stands out for its bittersweet flavor, with a bitter base, strong liquorice, raisins and sweet notes.

Tres Martínez Venezuelan chocolate bar.

An environmental confectionery

Tres Martínez won the award for the Sustainable Development of National Parks awarded by the Ministry of the Environment of the Andalusian Government for meeting certain requirements such as recycling all its waste, having different containers to dispose of paper, glass, plastic and oils. used.

In addition to using low-consumption lighting and sending the light bulbs and electrical equipment in your premises that no longer work to a green point.

This confectionery uses the best chocolate on the market.

But the main reason for this award is for being the first pastry shop to obtain the Parque Natural de Andalucía brand, a seal of quality awarded by the Environment to products that demonstrate craftsmanship and first-class raw materials.

In an interview, one of the owners of this company, Andrés Martínez, stated that everything that is done in this confectionery has traditional procedures with top quality products, and exemplified that if they have to make an orange cake they use real oranges, no orange scents like some other places.

Likewise, Martínez, the third generation of this family, highlighted that they use the best chocolate that exists on the market.

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