The 5 richest industrial cookies with chocolate in Venezuela

chocolate covered cookies

Take a look at this list that we made in Puro Chocolate and then tell us if there is the industrial cookie covered with chocolate that you like the most.

At Puro Chocolate we went around the supermarkets to make a list of the industrial cookies covered with chocolate that we Venezuelans like the most and look what we found:

Is it the one you like the most?

1. Maria & Chocolate Delights

the delicious cookie María Covered with chocolate, made by the Puig Biscuits Group of Companies, it is the star version of this brand and possibly the richest in the country's candy market.

"What a treat!

It was always thought that the combination of the Maria Puig biscuit with chocolate was literally perfect. Tests were carried out for months to arrive at that combination of chocolate with Maria Puig biscuit, which makes it unique... That is Delicias María & Chocolate! A cookie to pamper the exquisite palates ”, refers the company on its website.

2. Oreo Fudge

The famous Oreo cookie, manufactured by Mondeléz Internacional, has been in the Venezuelan market for more than 40 years and its fudge version, covered with delicious dark chocolate, is one of its stars.

The Oreo Fudge is a sweet sandwich made with two crunchy American-style chocolate cookies filled with vanilla cream and covered with the best dark chocolate.

This Oreo was out of the Venezuelan market for a few years until its return in December 2022.

“You asked for it and OREO Fudge is back! Your favorite cookie ever, covered in the most exquisite chocolate fudge," the transnational cookie brand published on the Instagram account in Venezuela.

3. Katy Vanilla

The delicious Katy Vanilla biscuit, produced by the Puig Biscuits Group of Companies, is an improved recipe from the Marilú brand.

“For lovers of Marilú we thought: what if we repower this cookie and cover it with chocolate? This is how Katy Vanilla was born in 1989, a cookie filled with vanilla with chocolate fudge”, refers to the website of Empresas de Galletas Puig.

This addictive cookie is filled with vanilla cream and covered in delicious chocolate.

4. Chocolate Sticks

Los Palitos de Chocolate, manufactured by Danibisk, by Alfonzo Rivas, is a crunchy biscuit in the shape of sticks covered in the best Danish-style chocolate.

"It is a fun vanilla-flavored cookie covered with chocolate in the shape of sticks, it is ideal for feeding children, perfect for snacks and lunch boxes," says the Alfonzo Rivas website.

5. Classic gayetón

Gayetón Clásico, made by Danibisk, by Alfonzo Rivas, is a Danish type biscuit covered in chocolate that has captivated lovers of biscuits and chocolate due to its crispness.

Like the rest of the cookies presented here, it is ideal for a school snack or for any occasion in which you like a delicious sweet.

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