Delirio and 20/20 dark bars compete at the Chocolate Awards

Venezuelan dark chocolate

These chocolate houses will represent Venezuela this Saturday in the 2023 Artisanal and Bean-to-Bar Chocolatiers Competition of the Americas.

The artisanal chocolate brands Delirio and 20/20 compete this Saturday in the dark chocolate bars of origin category of the International Awards Americas chapter.

Both chocolate houses announced on their Instagram accounts their happiness for this nomination among hundreds of participating companies from across the continent.

“These nominations exalt our cocoa farmers, honor who we are as Venezuelans, invite us to celebrate and highlight our flavor of origin,” he published Chocolate Delirium On her Instagram account she includes a video in which her creator, the chocolate chef Fredmerys Plaza, shows her visibly excited happiness.

“Super happy and proud to be among the finalists of the Chocolate Awards 2023, in the very close category of dark chocolates of origin, accompanied by many prestigious brands from the Americas and representing Venezuela in such a prestigious competition,” published the marks 20/20 on his Instagram account.

This year only two Venezuelan chocolate houses, Delirio de Margarita and 20/20 de Puerto Cabello, will compete in the Americas chapter of the International Chocolate Awards.

In addition, both chocolate companies put their best dark chocolate of origin inside and outside the country to the test.

This is the first time that Delirio participates in this continental competition, although it was nominated in two categories in which it was the winner in the first National Chocolate Contest which took place in July 2022.

While 20/20 has already had experience in this competition, obtaining silver in 2022 in the Infused White Chocolate Bars category for its White Chocolate with Beet and Lemon bar.

Likewise, in 2021, this chocolate house was also recognized at the Chocolate Awards chapter of the Americas for its Trincheras 71% cacao tablet with trinidad scorpion chili pepper. He won a bronze medal and the special gastronomic prize.

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent competition that recognizes excellence in the manufacture of bars and products made with fine chocolate, whose objective is to support the companies and chocolatiers that produce them and chocolatiers.

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  • It has been demonstrated that this circuit of competitions presents inconsistencies and gaps (technical from low to low and moral quality), what it is approaching is a club of award-winning friends and each other.

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