What's new on 20/20: chocolate made with Piaroa cocoa

Cocoa Piaroa

This cocoa, famous for its fine aroma, is cultivated on the banks of the Orinoco, in the Venezuelan Amazon, by the Piaroa indigenous community.

The 20/20 chocolate house released a new edition of its delicious and fine chocolate bars made only with pure cocoa from our Amazon grown by the Piaroa community.

“In our Venezuelan Amazon, on the banks of the Orinoco River, the indigenous community Piaroa cultivates this extremely aromatic cocoa and with marked notes of spices such as cinnamon”, the 20/20 Chocolate brand points out on its Instagram account to publicize its new product.

There are three 20/20 chocolate bars made with Piaroa cocoa:

The first is a 72% Piaroa cocoa dark chocolate bar; the second is a bar of dark chocolate 72% Piaroa cocoa intervened with "Dots" of white chocolate with lemon; and the third is a white chocolate bar with passion fruit intervened with "Dots" of dark chocolate 72% Piaroa cocoa.

Cocoa Piaroa

Piaroa cocoa is a variety introduced to the population of this community in the Venezuelan Amazon by agricultural engineer Richard Sarmiento more than 20 years ago with the aim of promoting agricultural production in this community.

Its fine flavor and aroma, in addition to the fact that its production is 100% organic, has made this variety of cocoa famous inside and outside our borders, leading different national and international chocolate houses to want to produce their bars and chocolates with it.

Just as the Carabobo bean to bar 20/20 chocolate house has done, whose raw material is mainly obtained from different plantations in the Carabobo state, from Patanemo to Canoabo.

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