Look at these options for chocolate eggs in Venezuela

Chocolate eggs

Celebrate this Easter Sunday in the sweetest way with this European tradition that, why not?, we can celebrate in our country.

Every year more Venezuelan bean to bar chocolatiers join the delicious European tradition of giving chocolate eggs at Easter.

So the list of chocolate egg creations for this 2023, which we will show you below, gives us more to choose from.

The Praline Chocolatier

For this Easter, the Caracas chocolate shop Praline Chocolatier, of Belgian tradition, combined creations of chocolate eggs with chickens and chocolate ducks and of different sizes to give as gifts.

Chocolates La Mucuy

This Merida bean to bar chocolate shop created chocolate eggs of different sizes for this occasion. The smaller ones covered in wrappers of different colors and the larger ones painted with different strokes.

Cakawa Chocolates

The Cakawa chocolate shop from Caracas could not let this celebration go under the table either and recreated delicious chocolate eggs for Easter of different sizes, as well as sweet chocolate bunnies to give as gifts.

Sander Chocolatier

This traditional Dutch chocolatier from Caracas made chocolate eggs of different sizes and rabbit-shaped chocolate lollipops for this Easter.

Le Toucan Doux

The Caracas chocolate shop Le Toucan Doux made delicious chocolate eggs and rabbits of different sizes and presentations for this Easter, including a colorful box with three eggs, one made with dark chocolate, another with white chocolate and another with milk chocolate.


In the Caracas Savura chocolate shop they also celebrate this Easter with delicious chocolate eggs of different sizes and covered in colorful wrappers.

Canoabo Chocolate

The Carabobo chocolate house, Canoabo, made sweet bunny bags for Easter Sunday to fill with delicious chocolate eggs, as well as large chocolate eggs decorated with colored lines.

cocoa love

This chocolate shop also joined the Easter party with delicious white and milk chocolate eggs filled with candies and surprise toys for the little ones in the house.

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