Kakao chocolates that take you to different corners of the country

Kakao chocolates

This Venezuelan chocolate shop offers a line of chocolates with fillings that transport you to various states of the country, from the Venezuelan Amazon with the spicy Katara, to Miranda with the sweet citrus tangerine that abounds in the Araira crops.

If the flavors transport, sit down to taste the various chocolates of the Venezuelan sweet shop Kakao is to enjoy a trip to different corners of our country without moving from where you are.

In its variety of chocolates, Kakao has a line with fillings that invite you to know how some places in Venezuela taste.

One of the most exotic is the Amazonas bonbon, stuffed with spicy katara, a typical sauce from the Venezuelan Amazon made by its inhabitants with chili and bachaco ass, which transports you to this remote area of ​​the country.

The Araira chocolate, with its mandarin filling, takes you to the cultivation of this fruit in this parish in the Mirandino municipality of Zamora, started at the end of the XNUMXth century by Italian immigrants. Currently, it is the largest producer of mandarins in the country.

Another very symbolic is the Ciudad Bolívar bonbon, stuffed with merey, it transports you to those trees loaded with merey that abound in the north of Bolívar state, and where the Merey Pasao, a dessert prepared with this fruit, is one of the most famous in his capital.

The Canoabo bonbon, filled with cashier orange, takes you to the extensive plantations of this fruit that abound in this parish in the Bejuma municipality of Carabobo state.

While the Coro chocolate, filled with dulce de leche, transports you to that beautiful world heritage city surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes such as its dunes.

This delicious dessert, symbolic of the Falconian region, has different versions in the rest of the country made with cow’s milk, and a very famous one, which stopped coming out about 20 years ago, was that of Emma Henríquez’s sweet corian milk factory, originally from Coro.

And of course, what to say about the Nueva Esparta bonbon, stuffed with sweet margariteño chili, which takes you to that unique flavor of chili that is only grown in this region, and which is what gives the special flavor to the gastronomy of this island.

More flavors from our lands in Kakao chocolates

The Kakao house of chocolates has in its extensive line of chocolates filled with flavors from our lands more to offer, such as Caracas, guava and cream cheese; that of Zulia, of plum with bacon; that of Tovar, of honey; that of Tinaquillo, of malojillo, among many more, which you can buy individually or several in one of the different decorative boxes that this place offers.

“A universe of flavors, aromas and textures capable of delighting us and transporting us to a region, a memory, a feeling; to childhood, to the future”, refers the chocolate shop Cocoa, with more than 20 years of work in the field of sweets in the country; and he adds this chocolate house, whose chocolate with which he makes his chocolates is made with cacao Venezuelan, which make "the bonbon an experience that invites you to close your eyes, put it in your mouth and enjoy the flavors of Venezuela".

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