The Chocolate Awards rewarded the best bars in Peru

Peruvian chocolates

In this contest, the judges highlighted the bars flavored with iconic regional ingredients such as algarrobina, muña grass and Piura mangoes.

The International Chocolates Awards awarded the best chocolates in Peru in the Contest to Support the Country of Peruvian Cocoa 2023, the 8th. National Peruvian Chocolate Contest, during the development of the Cocoa and Chocolate Hall.

Among the winners, the fine chocolate brand Cacaosuyo once again won several awards this year, taking two gold awards in the categories of natural dark chocolate of origin and natural milk chocolate bars of origin in microlots.

It also achieved the highest overall score in this competition with its El Ganso dark chocolate bar (92,3).

The founders of the International Chocolate Awards highlighted in this competition the use of the best cocoas from Peru along with bean-specific, mild roast profiles, noting that no other manufacturer understands Peruvian cocoa as well as Peruvian chocolatiers.

For featured flavors, some participants chose iconic regional ingredients: algarrobina, the complex dark syrup extracted from the carob tree, the mint-like muña herb, Andean tubers such as maca and olluco, as well as fruits from the various cacao biomes such as Piura mangoes, macambo (Theobroma bicolor), charapita peppers, and Amazonian camu camu.

The winning Peruvian brands in the general competition


the chocolate brand cacaosuyo won gold in the simple dark bars of origin category with its El Ganso tablet.


the chocolate brand Barberis won gold in the category of natural milk bars of origin with its Bellavista 60% cocoa milk chocolate.

Milan Peruvian Chocolates

Chocolate brand Milan Peruvian Chocolates took gold in the flavor bars category with its bitter chocolate with Camu Camu.

Reborn Chocolatier

The chocolate brand Renacer Chocolatier won gold in the category of chocolates filled with Macambo and Camu Camu.

The International Chocolate Awards

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent competition that recognizes excellence in the manufacture of bars and products made with fine chocolate, whose objective is to support the companies and chocolatiers that produce them and chocolatiers.

By helping these markets grow and develop, they also seek to support farmers who grow fine cocoa.

The awards were founded in 2012 and are run by a group of independent international partners based in the UK, Italy and the US with years of experience in chocolate tasting and judging and in organizing fine chocolate related events. .

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