The most chic chocolate Easter eggs in Europe!

Chocolate eggs

The most elegant chocolate houses in Belgium, France and Italy are ready to celebrate Easter Sunday with pure chocolate.

Easter Sunday is one of the most important festivities in Western countries for European chocolatiers.

And it is that on this day, for a little more than a century, it became a tradition give eggs made with chocolate to celebrate the end of Lent, which is why these original gifts are not lacking in the windows of the best chocolatiers in Europe.

Here are the most chic chocolate eggs for Easter in Europe in 2023.

The Italian chocolate house Venchi

The Italian chocolatier Venchi made for Easter Sunday, which this year falls on April 9, an elegant dark chocolate egg filled with crunchy and caramelized hazelnuts.

The Italian chocolate house Domori

While the Italian chocolate house Domori created for this occasion a line of 60% cocoa dark chocolate Easter eggs, milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, and white with pistachios, in which you will find an envelope with wild flower seeds from the Puscina Flowers brand.

The French chocolate house Valrhona

For its part, the French chocolate house Valrhona left to the imagination of its clients, and the talent of Chocolatree Decor, the design of this year's chocolate Easter eggs. And, as an example of that fusion, he left this cute chicken-egg on his Instagram account.

French chocolate house Pierre Marcolini

As soon as the French chocolate house Pierre Marcolini made a flower-shaped chocolate egg on a box of chocolates to decorate the table this Easter Sunday 2023.

The Italian chocolate house Amedei

The Amedei chocolate house produced a line of Easter eggs of different types such as white chocolate with pistachio, milk with hazelnut, dark with red berries and "double flavor Amedei", which is half milk chocolate and half chocolate. dark 70% cocoa.

The Belgian chocolate house Nehuaus

And the Belgian chocolate house Nehuaus designed the Botanicals collection for Easter Sunday, which consists of "a spring bouquet of natural botanical flavors, wrapped in top quality Belgian chocolate."

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