Famous places in Caracas to drink hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

In Caracas there are more and more places to enjoy this drink, but it is tradition to order a cup of hot chocolate in Galipán, the Warairarepano Cable Car System, El Junquito and Mirador Boyacá for its cool climate.

Due to its cool climate, it is famous to have a cup of hot chocolate with family or in the company of friends in Galipán, the Warairaepano Cable Car System, El Junquito and Mirador Boyacá.

Very sweet and thick, it is one of the favorite drinks by the people of Caracas to spend a cold afternoon-night, and here we show you where you can get it.


In the town of Galipán, one of the favorite drinks of visitors is that cup of hot chocolate to pass the cold of the evening.

This drink cannot be missing from the menus of the various restaurants in this town, as well as in the famous kiosks.

You can also buy the picacholate, a mixture to make hot chocolate, to take home at the ChocoPicacho chocolate factory.

Warairarepano Cable Car System

The cold weather at this height, at 2 meters above sea level, gives more than one a rich and hot cup of chocolate, which can be purchased both at the kiosks located along the narrow boulevard of Pico El Ávila, as in other well-known places in the capital.

In the Páramo Café del Warairarepano store you can order a rich and thick hot chocolate, as well as in the local Cacao Venezuela.

Although many prefer to enjoy the traditional chocolate that the kioskeros sell in this place.


The cold of the town of El Junquito also makes it conducive for many people of Caracas to go enjoy a cup of hot chocolate that is sold by many traditional establishments in this place, although the one made by El Rey del Golfeado has become quite famous, due to its thick touch. and very hot so that the cold does not spoil it.

Boyaca viewpoint

This viewpoint, located on Avenida Boyacá or Cota Mil, has become famous for its hot chocolate, which is sold at the kiosks located in this place.

Watching the sunset with the chill of Caracas becomes more pleasant for the people of Caracas with a hot chocolate with the best company, a delicious cake from this place.

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