Magnum brought out in Ecuador the palette with Rubí cocoa chocolate

Ruby Cocoa

To his well-known recipe with almonds, he changed the traditional milk chocolate for rosé, made with Rubí cocoa.

The Magnum ice cream brand, produced by Unilever's Heartbrand company (in Venezuela Tío Rico), launched for Ecuador, in a limited edition, the version of its traditional palette with almonds covered in pink chocolate, made with Rubí cocoa.

“The new form of chocolate pleasure has arrived: Magnum Rubí Almendras. Its color and flavor are unique, of 100% natural origin, without added colors or aromas," the well-known ice cream brand published on its Instagram account in Ecuador.

Thus, Magnum brings to South America its original recipe made with the also well-known fourth chocolate. The first is dark, the second is milky, and the third is white.

In 2019 he had already innovated his brand with this pink chocolate in Spain by the Belgian chocolate house Barry Callebaut and, three years later, in Mexico.

The popsicles made in Spain and Mexico consisted of a creamy white chocolate ice cream mixed with a raspberry sauce and covered by a crunchy layer of white chocolate, while the one from Ecuador is vanilla and panna cotta ice cream with a pink chocolate coating. inlaid with almonds.

ruby chocolate

Rubí chocolate is characterized by its natural pink color, its touch of acidity, notes and flavor of red fruits and little sweetness compared to milk or white chocolate.

Likewise, this chocolate is 100% natural, made from Rubí cocoa, a variety that contains pink seeds that is only produced in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast, and which was released in 2017 in Shanghai under the scientific name Ruby. RB1.

Later it was taken to the Salon Du Chocolat in Paris and Brussels in 2018 and, in 2019, to Spain.

This chocolate, little known in the world, has been used, among others, by the Spanish chocolate house Cacao Sampaka and the transnational Nestlé, which added it to its Kit Kat chocolate-covered biscuit in Korea and Japan.

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