Mantuano launches wrappers with the Nipples Paradise label

The illustrator Erwan from Nipples Paradise, or Paraíso de los Nipples in its Spanish translation, is the author of the designs of these packages that wrap the new seven tablets of different flavors that this Venezuelan chocolate house made to delight this 2022.

The chocolate company Mantuano Chocolate launched for sale this week its new collection of chocolate bars made up of seven different flavors: 70% dark chocolate, 70% orange dark chocolate, 62% sarrapia dark chocolate, 32% lemon milk chocolate, dark chocolate 62% sea salt, 62% spicy dark chocolate and 62% coffee dark chocolate, presented in wrappers designed by illustrator Erwan.

The packaging designs of these bars, which are part of the Mantuano Chocolate 2022 collection, highlight the additional ingredient of each chocolate with the touch that identifies the brand Nipples Paradise (Paradise of the nipples).

The colorful illustration of the cocoa fruit, the lemon, the orange, the hot pepper, the salt spout, the sarrapia shell and the drawing made with coffee beans subtly adopt the shape of the woman's breast with the stamp personal Nipples Paradise, a nipple or "nipple" that is present in all their designs.

Mantuano Chocolate is 100% Venezuelan

Mantuano Chocolate is a Venezuelan artisan brand of bars and chocolates with cacao Trinitarian type that is produced in Barlovento, Miranda state, with almost a decade in the Venezuelan market.

This brand has stood out from the beginning for the variety of packaging designs that have covered its tablets.

More recently, in November 2021, Mantuano Chocolate decorated with Christmas tones the packaging that wrapped its 62% cocoa chocolate bars with macerated fruits, with cherries and ginger and lemon.

A year earlier, in November 2020, it launched a collection of nine-flavor chocolates packaged with a design that together make up an artistic image of Ávila. The concept was in charge of the Venezuelan designer René Conversi.

In another recent mention of its designs, in October 2021, Mantuano Chocolate, in partnership with Franceschi Chocolate, brought to market two South Lake 60% cocoa chocolate bars, one with caramel and one with sea salt, wrapped with a design in homage to Doctor José Gregorio Hernández made by the Venezuelan artist Gisella Guerra.

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